The Camellia Alise Studio provides Spa Services

Contouring Service

Our contour area wrap services are great for clients wanting ‘skin tightening’ and ‘inch loss’ in certain target areas. Our Target Area Inch Loss Body Wrap uses our signature slimming gel, FIRM UP, and a unique compression technique to help combat the Battle of the Bulge.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio frequency technology is FDA approved to tighten loose or sagging skin on the face, eyes, tummy, arms and legs, without an incision or recovery time. It also aides in the reduction of stretch marks, body contouring, and great for post baby loose skin.

Infrared Services

Achieve radiant and smooth skin with a dry brushing session that opens the pores and encourages cell renewal with our FIRM UP slimming gel; then go into the infrared blanket for an additional 30-45 minutes. Decrease BMI and body fat; losing an average of 1-3 lbs in one hour. Simply rest cocooned in our infrared slimming blanket as infrared heat raises your core body temperature an average of 2-3 degrees and stimulates your fat cells, allowing a release of toxins. Burn up to 1400 calories and burn body fat in just ONE SESSION.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a new, non-surgical, non-invasive fat removal technique that helps to eliminate stubborn fat pockets. This process works by using ultrasonic waves to breakdown fat cells and liquefy them. The vibrations impact movement in the fat cells and will effectively cause the fat cells to liquefy. The fat is then metabolized and released through the liver and natural means. Treatments are done on most desired areas like the stomach, arms, hips, and thighs. There is no pain, no downtime, and you can even go right back to work afterwards. Combined with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle you can have the body you always wanted. We recommend 6-10 sessions for best results.

Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive technique that is used to reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite that is often found on thighs, knees, buttocks and stomach. The skin is gently drawn down to break down and loosen hard cellulite and stubborn fatty deposits, lifting the cellulite away from the muscle, thus encouraging blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage.