Camellia Alise

EM Butt Sculpt Machine

$ 499.00 $ 425.00 -15%
  • EM Butt Sculpt Machine
EM Butt Sculpt Machine EM Butt Sculpt Machine EM Butt Sculpt Machine EM Butt Sculpt Machine EM Butt Sculpt Machine

Camellia Alise

EM Butt Sculpt Machine

$ 499.00 $ 425.00 -15%


Our electro current stimulation machine stimulate the body's cells, and biomimetic wave theory, massage, acupuncture points and meridians of human,  as to achieve the effects of weight loss, butt lifting, skin tightening, and  healing.


Lymphatic drainage, lose weight, tighten and lifting the butt, gentle waves body slimming.
1. Lymphatic drainage: By increasing circulation, guidance and promoting arteries, veins, lymphatic fluid flow speed, there is plenty of oxygen, nutrient supply cell metabolism, and smoothly discharge the waste from cell metabolism and the cells of toxins, retention of water.
2. Weight loss: stimulate the muscles nerves through current, will produce a movement of a contraction, imitate human motion like fast running, jogging, can achieve the effect of rapidly weight loss.
3. Butt tightening (firming), simulate the micro vascular of skin dermis and epidermis and nerve trigger cells to produce hydration to supplement the aging skin that lack of nutrients and oxygen, so that loose sagging butts restore flexibility.
4. Thin body by soft wave: imitate running, jumping rope, sit-ups and more intense exercise, can stimulate the appropriate muscles, the general movement like tightening has been unable to exercise the muscles. (Tighten the loose muscle)
Voltage: 110V & 220V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Package Includes:
1pcs Host case
28 couple Slimming pads 
1 bag Bandage 
1 pcs Power line 
1 pcs User manual


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