We believe everyone should be able to maintain healthy and radiant skin without struggling with ingrown hairs, acne, and skin irritations as part of the process. 

“I felt like a true “Bél Dam” after using my shave set by Camellia Alise! I have been raving about this product for days! It’s a three-step shave set (say that 5 times fast)! The set includes an exfoliator, that btw smells ahhh-mazing, shave cream, and a skin renewal post shave oil. This stuff works! My legs literally felt like silk! I really enjoyed the post shave oil. The oil was moisturizing without being sticky and greasy. This is definitely a product that will be on my replenish list!”

- Nikki Gamble, Blogger and Fashionista, Newtexacaligal.com


“One of my least favorite things to do is shave. I’m always concerned about cutting my skin and the dryness that comes afterwards. However, with Camelia Alise my concerns are no more! The cream provides a great barrier to my skin and it also moisturizes while shaving. I will NEVER use an ordinary shave gel again.”

- Shemetre Richmond, Long Time Customer


“The Camellia Alise products are addictive, the scent makes me feel so relaxed and refreshed. Using Fresh Start with the Finishing Touch Oil really makes me feel like i just left an amazing spa. The oils used in the fresh start scrub moisturize my skin in such a way that I don’t even need to add lotion after, something I have always done without fail...until now! I stand on my feet a lot due to my job but simply soaking in the tub and using the scrub on my feet with the oil makes me feel so revived. I love it and it works to keep my skin healthy in so many different ways.”

- Sybil Geraldine Boston, Skincare Enthusiast


“The Camellia Alise shave system has quickly become a favorite for both me and my husband (we fight over the products lol). The mixture of aromas really set the tone for the shave experience and the combination of the scrub and shave cream has helped to reduce about 60% of the ingrown hairs I suffered within my bikini and underarms areas after only the first two weeks. I love that it’s an all-natural product collection and not filled with all types of alcohols and ingredients that you can’t pronounce so I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for a new shaving system and for those tired of all those razor bumps and ingrown hairs.”

- J.J. Smith, New and Satisfied Customer