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Why the Vegan Cosmetics Market Is Booming

Why the Vegan Cosmetics Market Is Booming

Nowadays, many consumers are looking for natural and plant-based alternatives for everyday goods, especially skincare cosmetics and facials. The good news? The vegan cosmetics market is booming! There are vegan alternatives for everything including facials, skin care programs, cellulite treatments, and razor bump solutions. But why is it booming? let's find out!

Vegan Cosmetics Save Millions of Animals Each Year

If you knew millions of animals are killed every year by traditional cosmetic companies, would you still buy their products? Traditional cosmetic companies keep lab animals in small cages, make them undergo cruel testing, and then euthanize them when they are done. As more consumers learn and understand this harsh reality, the vegan cosmetic industry has seen a huge boom as vegan cosmetics are against animal testing.

Vegan Packaging Is Environmentally Friendly

Most consumers don't even realize the amount of waste they produce using products with single-use plastic packaging, or the impact those products have on the environment. Vegan cosmetics are made sustainably with recycled plastics and environmentally-friendly packaging to reduce or prevent harm done to our environment, unlike non-vegan packaging.

Vegan Products are Affordable

Many consumers worry about the price tag for vegan products but contrary to popular belief, the price of Vegan beauty and cosmetic products is comparable to non-vegan products. Meaning you can spend the same amount to purchase a cruelty-free, all-natural, environmentally friendly shampoo bottle from a vegan company as you would spend for an animal-tested, chemical, environmentally destructive shampoo bottle from a non-vegan company.

Natural Is Better

Harsh chemicals in traditional products like parabens can be damaging to your skin causing rashes, blisters, or even hives. Your body is used to digesting plants, so we can easily absorb plant-based products through our skin. Think about how much better your skin would look after a vegan facial with all-natural ingredients. In doing so, you avoid questionable ingredients and give your body more nutrients.

These are only a few of the dozens of reasons why consumers are deciding to make the switch to vegan cosmetics. The Vegan Cosmetics market is continuously growing and according to Disturbmenot.co, by 2024 The global organic beauty product market is projected to reach over $22 billion.



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