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Saving Summer Skin

Saving Summer Skin

“…Age you later alligator!”  With summertime in full swing, there are several questions that keep coming up when talking to clients about having hydrated and healthy looking skin.  

  1. How do we keep our skin healthy during these hot summer days?

Summer is here in full swing and now is the perfect time to flaunt beautiful summer dresses and shorts. However, summer-time also requires that you to pay special attention to your skin.  The heat, warmth of the sun; hot winds can cause skin damage. Fluctuation in the weather affects the skin badly which makes the skin dull and rough. 

Gently exfoliating with Camellia Alise offers Radiant Revealer Loofah Sponge and Pre-Shave Exfoliate will remove dead skin cells and improve circulation of blood throughout the body. 

Moisturize your skin.  The best time of day to moisturize the skin is when you are straight out of the shower and the body is still damp.  Always moisturize your skin at night as it makes the skin glow and defends the skin during sleeping hours.

Camellia Alise offers Finishing Touch. This amazing product helps maintain healthy post shave skin with essential oils that provide moisture.

The natural oils instantly calm and soothe dry irritated skin after a close shave and help to prevent ingrown hairs. Our oil can be used pre-shave to soften hairs and post-shave to soothe skin


  1. What is the secret sauce to keeping your skin with a youthful glow?

We’ve all heard, “You are what you eat.”  This statement is true.  Remember your skin is the largest organ and what you eat shows on your face and body. Eating high water content fruits this summer like watermelon, cucumber, oranges, grapes, and berries.

Our skin renews itself every 28 days.  Besides exfoliating old dead skin cell, it is important to take care of the new skin cells with fresh ones – but only if we practice good healthy eating habits and good skin care habits.


Include green vegetables in your diet as they help to improve the immune system and decreases stress level in the body. Eating too many salty snacks can dehydrate your skin.

Drinking water, green tea, and eating fruit are a great way to stay hydrated this summer.



  1. Why does my hair seem to grow faster in the summer months?


So, I thought it was just me… my hair on my legs and my head seems to grow a lot faster in the summer time. After a little research, I found that when the temperatures heat up we experience increased blood flow which means more blood is reaching the scalp, thus increased nutrients to our skin… which equals faster hair growth.


  • Your epidermis [the top part of your skin] is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ
  • The thinnest part of your skin is found on your eyelids
  • Every hair has a small muscle, the pili. This allows your hair to be raised up when cold, or in a ‘heightened emotional’ state.

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