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“Romancing the Razor”

“Romancing the Razor”

So let’s go back… way back to when you first started dating…

You know how it was?!

 All excitement!

 What ‘cha gonna wear?

 Where ya’ gonna go? 

 …and are my legs shaved and smooth?

  Did I trim ‘downunder’… for that thunder that might occur after happy hour?!

 Yes, ladies… this blog post is really for you~

It seems that when we first start dating, we are all about looking good, feeling good and smelling good… and yes having those smooth legs readily available for that short LBD [little black dress] for some of you old school ladies.  



LBD is not short for Local Bills Discounted or Little Brother’s Disease [band] or Lesbian Bed Disease [don’t ask… I just Google it…]

Romancing the Razor is the title I came up with because it seems when our new relationship is in that romance stage; well we make sure we are doing everything we can to keep that special person attracted to us.  

Some of you may be thinking …really?   I don’t put any effort anymore ~

Girls, I am there with you. That romancing the razor got put aside after a few years of marriage and kids…

 However, I am here to inspire you! We women should romance that razor for ourselves!

 Yes, taking care of our bodies, our minds, and our souls are so important.

 If we don’t take the time to fill our cup with the things that make us feel great… then who will do it?  

 Now, I am not saying that shaving always makes me feel great.  What I am saying is that shaving my legs and moisturizing them [and my entire body] always makes me feel so fresh, clean and yes… beautiful.

Go fall in love again with yourself [Self-Care]...


And romance that razor.  The ingredients of Camellia Alise products are simply organic and offer such amazing results.

Common shaving myths

MYTH: Shaving every day causes hair to grow back thicker, darker and faster.

Shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker, darker or faster. Hair re-growth is determined by what's on the inside—your genetics and hormones. So why do people think this? As hair grows back, the blunt ends make it seem thicker but the myth is definitely untrue so shave away!

MYTH: A new razor blade causes more nicks and cuts than a broken-in razor blade.

It’s actually the opposite. Shaving with an old, dull razor is blade actually results in even more nicks and cuts and we highly recommend against it! It also causes you to go over the same area multiples times which causes a larger possibility for more razor bumps so be sure to replace your razor or the blade very regularly.

MYTH: Pressing hard will give a closer shave

Not so! Putting too much pressure on your razor can cause nicks and cuts and cause more hairs to be cut too close under the surface which creates more razor bumps. Choose a great razor and let it do the work for you. Keep the blades flat against your skin so the razor can do its job. Use a light touch to get a relaxing and close shave.

MYTH: Shaving over the same area repeatedly will give me a closer shave.

False! Shaving one spot over and over will irritate skin—fast and definitely cause razor bumps. If you’re having trouble with rough spots or stubble, it may be time to change your blade and you should probably be exfoliating that area before the shave.

Shaving prep myths

MYTH: Shaving cream isn’t necessary; soap and water works just as well.

Shaving cream tend to be less drying than ordinary soap and Camellia Alise creams are specially made to help decrease the possibility of razor bumps so you should definitely use it as part of your normal routine. The shaving cream lubricates to help provide a layer of protection against nicks and cuts and also helps you keep track of where you’ve shaved to help you avoid missing any spots.

MYTH: It’s okay to shave without water if I’m in a hurry.

We wouldn’t recommend it! Water and shaving cream is critical for a comfortable shave. It helps the razor glide over skin.

MYTH: Waxing won’t cause ingrown hairs.

While waxing keeps legs smooth, it can definitely cause ingrown hairs. Whether waxing or shaving is your go-to hair removal method, starting with clean, exfoliated skin is the best way to prevent ingrown hairs so be sure to use the “Fresh Start” and “Bold Start” scrubs to start your shaving and waxing routines.

Bikini shaving myths

MYTH: Shaving my bikini area is too tricky to do myself.

We don’t agree! Just try it. We recommend trimming first, then shaving. Start with slow short strokes and take your time you will get the hang of it!!!

Be sure to check out our gently exfoliating system with Radiant Revealer Loofah Sponge and Pre-Shave Exfoliate will remove dead skin cells and improve circulation of blood throughout the body.


Moisturize your skin.  The best time of day to moisturize the skin is when you are straight out of the shower and the body is still damp.  Always moisturize your skin at night as it makes the skin glow and defends the skin during sleeping hours.


Camellia Alise offers Finishing Touch. This amazing product helps maintain healthy post shave skin with essential oils that provide moisture.

The natural oils instantly calm and soothe dry irritated skin after a close shave and help to prevent ingrown hairs. Our oil can be used pre-shave to soften hairs and post-shave to soothe skin.


Until next time, catch you Beyond the Razor!

Contributing Writer: Sharon Lee Zapata



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