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How Important Are Eco-Friendly Skincare Products?

How Important Are Eco-Friendly Skincare Products?

The continuing shift toward eco-friendly products in all industries is unavoidable. For many consumers, buying these products is a way to show companies that they care about the environment. If you are an esthetician or own a salon, you can join the growing number of small businesses that have learned to take advantage of this trend and, in some small way, contribute toward growing care for the environment. Let's dive in to learn more about just how important eco-friendly skincare products are for your business's growth.

Not as Expensive as They Seem

Eco-friendly products may cost more than their alternatives, which is a concern for some small businesses, especially those with margins that are small to begin with. However, carrying these products can attract new customers who are willing to pay more for them. In fact, a quarter of consumers prefer skincare brands that are eco-friendly, according to We Are Social. Estheticians can use this aspect to highlight a product or brand, making it easier for their clients to choose from a variety of products. While stocking these products may seem expensive upfront, they provide the potential to make an even bigger profit.

Endless Options to Please Customers

Shopping for environmentally friendly skincare can be just as daunting for business owners as it is for consumers. Keep in mind that an eco-friendly product is not necessarily the same as a natural or organic one. They have simply been sourced in a clean way and are much safer to dispose of after use. Once you start looking into these products, you'll find there are endless options and something for each of your customers to love. Indeed, making the effort to ensure your salon is well-stocked will be sure to please anyone who walks through your doors.

Better Packaging and Use

Eco-friendly products are often packaged differently than other products. As a spa owner or employee, you may use many single-use products to promote hygiene. Unfortunately, many of these products are packaged in plastic, which is definitely not friendly to the environment! Look for products with alternative packaging such as paper or materials that are biodegradable. Consider reusable tools that can be sterilized in-house. Doing so will both save you money and show your customers that you're dedicated to quality and environmental safety.

You could also send your clients home with their own reusable products, which they can bring back for a discount on their next service. For example, files and exfoliating stones or sponges are often used once and tossed, but you can offer them reusable products that they'll love next time. Creative thinking like this can help you make the most of eco-friendly skincare products for your spa or salon.

Whether you offer body treatments, massages, or facials, offering eco-friendly products can give your business a leg up and are important to your growth. Contact us today at Camellia Alise, LLC to discover other ways to grow your business.



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