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Essential Oils. What are they good for?

Essential Oils. What are they good for?

Essential oils have been used through the centuries for beauty and therapeutic purposes. They are aromatic liquids that are distilled and extracted from different parts of plants, and  usually accompanied by a beautiful fragrance. Beyond the fragrance however, most essential oils can help you relax. Let's take a look at how these oils can also help you gain and maintain healthy and attractive skin, inside and out.

Chamomile oil helps calm the skin and soothe inflamed areas, such as acne scars, spider veins, and eczema.

Geranium or frankincense essential oil can help combat the signs of aging. Both of these oils have astringent properties, which help improve age spots and tighten loose skin. 

Grapefruit oil. Got cellulite? Don’t fret! For a firmer skin just add 4-5 drops of grapefruit essential oil in 1 tablespoon coconut water, and massage it into the lumpy skin as part of your skincare routine for a firmer skin.

Freshen Your Breath: A few drops of peppermint oil can naturally freshen your breath. This essential oil has the ability to help your mouth feel clean. This works much better than lab-produced chemical rinses.

Lavender oil. Not only does it have an indulgent smell, but it can also be used as a sleep aid. We all know the importance of sleep for a fresh and younger looking skin. Those suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia can use lavender oil to minimize stress and sleep better.

Unlock your inner beauty in the most natural way – try essential oils! Higher quality essential oils can help to relieve motion sickness and improve concentration. Always remember that all oils are not created equal. As many essential oils are synthetic and not beneficial to health, it is important to buy certified , 100% and pure therapeutic grade, which in turn can improve and better your life.




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